Browster - not for everyone

Browster offers previews of search results. Doesn’t sound too exciting, but enough so to warrant a little testing. Unfortunately, even though they are not much more than a browser extension (which in Firefox usually is a platform independent affair), they offer their services only to Windows using folk. Which I’m simply not.

But they seem to have a good marketing division, who’ve devised a devilish scheme to disguise their shortcomings:

browster dual installer

How great is that? A single download file for two browsers. And it’s an .exe file too! What a sales pitch! Not compatible with a large chunk of the early adopter crowd, but no need to click download twice when choosing to install in two different browsers (which is the most obvious thing a mainstream-user does with a new service, right?).

So I guess Valleywag are right after all. Browster is a dog, or at least just as useful as a dog when it comes to providing services for your non-Windows surfing experience.