Biocamp 2011

Bio-Camp sounds like a facility for ultra-violent perps sometime in the near future, but in reality it’s a barcamp-like event that’s gonna go down on the 18th of June here in Austria [German language link].

It’s organized by an Austrian producer of organic food and will take place at an organic farmer’s farm an hour outside of Vienna. They were gracious enough to invite me, I guess because they came to the conclusion that anyone who’s using the word “death” in his foodblog’s name shouldn’t be messed with. Any which way, I’m going and I’m looking forward to it! There’s no definite schedule (it is after all supposed to be like a barcamp), but I suspect there will be a lot of talk about food. In which case I also hope there’ll BE a lot of food, which in turn I will consume and photograph, the result of which I will then present to you, my loyal readership.

By the way, the image is their invitation. It’s a basked with all sorts of organically grown herbs (for the cooking, mind you).