Automated French Fries

When you sit on a train for eight hours, you start noticing strange things. For example that woman whose hat looks like something just died on her head.

On my latest day-travel I noticed something I had totally forgotten about over the years, but which is still quite intriguing today. It’s what I lovingly call a “French Fries Machine”. See, as we passed through a train station I saw a machine which, within two minutes, will serve you hot, delicious french fries.

When I was a kid, physically, I sometimes had french fries out of a machine like that, but the machine, located near my school’s bus stop, suddenly disappeared. I was heart-broken and always wondered if maybe they had finally noticed that their way of heating the fries was a bit less than what people commonly refer to as “not poisonous”.

Apparently the machines are back, so either they changed their method or their management. Either way is fine with me. So, although people always tell you to not try and relive the past, I’ll have to taste those fries again. I’ll tell you how it went.