And welcome back, I say

So here I was, thinking that I’d always have enough time to write about food, drink and debauchery, no matter what. Turns out, it wasn’t so. In fact, it wasn’t so much so, I neglected this venture here in a way almost inexcusable. But that is all in the past now. What you see here is me coming back with a bang, A BANG, I say!

Not only have I moved this blog, but also outfitted it with a new look which will please many and piss off a few others. But hey, that’s what we’re here for, so that’s that.

However, since we all know that dressing up a pig still leaves the pig being a pig, I will also make sure that all the new pieces of handcrafted prose I’ll be presenting to you here will be absolutely and utterly fabulous.

In other words, you’ll love every single word on here from now on. You will be unable to keep reading and once you’ve done, you’ll be weeping with joy. And if that wasn’t enough, you’ll also marvel at all the images, taken by none other than me and prominently displayed at the top of each posting. And by marvel I mean you’ll go half-crazy trying to figure out how someone as talented as me has as of yet failed to conquer the world.

To which I will say: Patience, dear friend, patience.

Until then, do come back and revel in the beauty of what I have to show and tell you about food, drink and debauchery.