Unnecessary roughness

Once in a while things go crazy.

Yesterday was once in a while. My site went from working just fine to totally borked, within a matter of seconds. Why this happened is beyond me (and my hosting provider as well).

I had to delete, reupload, delete again, modify and tweak to make it work again. Naturally, that didn’t go down too well with my plan to write no less than ten pages for that paper that’s due next Friday.

Some might argue that it’s a bit too much hassle for a small site like this one, but these people are wrong. This site may be not more than a mere speck of dust in the massive universe that is the Internet, but it’s a labour of love. Thus, I’m glad I got everything sorted out again.

If you see any weirdness (like double apostrophes where there should really be just one), drop me a note or leave a comment.