Twitter - Chirp your life away

_twitterEver thought that blogs are way too much effort just to relay your day to day activities to a couple of strangers? Well, Twitter’s your answer. Equipped with a mobile and a sense for slicing up your life into little pieces, you are all set to use Twitter.

Sign up with your mobile number and you are good to go. You can enter text either via the little form on the site, or send text messages to the service. Depending on your privacy settings, the messages will be displayed right on the public page or just on your private page, visible only to you and your friends.

All in all, a nice little tool for people who feel like tapping into the daily routines of total strangers, or for those who want their friends to see what they are up to. By the way, once all your friends are signed up to the service, you can use Twitter to send messages directly to them from the Twitter homepage, turning the service into a free messaging service.