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Topix, formerly known under the URL, has now been relaunched under the “.com” name with a new service.

While before they were merely an aggregator of mainstream and blog news, they have now positioned themselves as a news portal for and by the people. You can read news items, discuss them in the forums or become an editor of a country specific page.

topix frontpage

The concept is not really new, and they have somehow taken a step back from the “everyone’s an editor” paradigm adopted by pages such as Newsvine, Reddit and Digg.

What they have added in restrictions to the editing part, they have obviously removed from the forum part. There is no need to actually sign up to leave a message, and what can I say, it’s a total, total mess. Check out this thread on the Austria message board.
Or this one, a total gem. Here’s but one of the many comments that boggle my mind:

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Or this one:

Hey every one!!!How is everone!?!? Yeah so ok it says I’m from Salina or somthin…no thats not true. So can some one right back and tell me b/c i always thought it was chickens who got the flu..
So any ways, I’m supposed to be doing my homework right now on this report for Austria and this came up!! It’s like an msn or somethin.. Well i better go i shall talk to ya all lata!!! Right back!!Byes(is this a nature sight?)

I do propose the Topix people make sign-ups for the message board mandatory. Otherwise it will be totally useless.