Times change, people don't

I ran into a guy yesterday who I went to school with. We only had a couple of minutes to talk, and although I hadn’t seen him in a few years, a suspicion I’ve always had once again proved to be dead on: People don’t change with age.

Now, there is this thing called “maturity”, but it’s all a big scam. You see, maturity is not much more than succumbing to the rules and regulations of the adult world. When as a child you were free to say what you wanted, as an adult it’s frowned upon. So once you’ve learned to shut up, you’ve matured.

The essential person behind this process doesn’t change. Sure, they may become a specialist in ForEx trading, and maybe take over a company someday, but it’s still the jackass who in high-school would badmouth people behind their backs. Which in a way is what I’m doing right now, but I’m not using any names, so it’s OK, really…at least in my frame of reference, which consists of flimsy moral standards anyway.

And I’m not actually saying that all people who are specialists in ForEx trading were pricks in high-school. I’m just hinting at it.