The Oscars revisited

Although Austrian National TV advertised their summary of the 77th Oscar Ceremony as “suspenseful”, they obviously didn’t think that warranted a live broadcast. Oh well, so we were stuck with the summary again (and some awful translations of jokes and speeches).

I think it’s great that Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind (first part links to IMDB site, second part to Google Movie site), has been awarded the best original screenplay Oscar. I also think it’s nice that Side ways got its Oscar for best adapted screenplay. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen Million Dollar Baby yet, but I think it’s great that The Aviator was not handed any important awards (well, apart from Cate Blanchett’s one – I do like Cate Blanchett, but frankly, I couldn’t stand her in that movie). After all, it’s simply a shiny biopic, which may sport great actors, but which fails to do anything for me (and a few others, it seems). Why the hell can’t Scorsese go back to making movies like Raging Bull? Well, maybe he will, now that a boxer movie has robbed him of yet another award.