The lighter side of life

When I stopped by the local supermarket to buy some coffee, I noticed a car parked outside which looked like a tour-bus for Playboy bunnies. Only that it was in fact not a bus, but a short little car. That tiny car, inconspicuous in brand and colour, was adorned with a truckload of Playboy bunny symbols. One sticker on the rear window, one dangling from the rear view mirror, and both front seats decorated with huge versions. There were all kinds of things in there indicating that it’s owned by a woman, and it wouldn’t be the first bunny car I saw which is owned by a woman. I’ve also seen quite a few girls wearing t-shirts, earrings, etc. sporting the bunny. That stupid bunny.

Now, I just don’t get it. What he hell is going on with these girls/women? What good has Playboy ever done, except for injecting a fake tits, blond hair, blue eyes stereotype into the consciousness of the public, which would warrant such a display of adoration? Is it actually desirable for women today to be a Playboy model? I mean, seriously, can it be so many women’s wish to be displayed on a glossy fold-out, which will probably end up on the wall of an auto-repair shop? Of course, maybe they don’t even want to be in Playboy, they just like reading the articles, subsequently buying all their merchandise because a bunny looks cute like that. Ach, I don’t know.

I went to the Playboy Enterprises website, trying to find the source of this fascination. I checked their FAQ, where I found this:

What is the origin of the Rabbit Head logo?
[…] The logo was designed to depict the lighter side of life, the rabbit being, to many people, the “playboy” of the animal world.

Well, interesting choice. I would’ve opted for something more subtle, maybe some feline creature. Oh well, if association with an animal used as a synonym for frantic fucking was their wish, then they got it.

Here’s another good one:

Who are Playboy”s main competitors?
Playboy’s competition includes other men’s monthlies such as Maxim, Men’s Health, Rolling Stone, GQ, Esquire and Men’s Journal.

Now, I’ve always thought that the other magazine which features articles and a nude fold-out woman is Penthouse. How come it’s not on that list? Maybe because Playboy Enterprises doesn’t want to disclose their real competitor?

But I’m digressing. I still don’t really know why any self-respecting woman would want to adorn herself with a pictogram of a rabbit, but maybe the “lightness” of that side of life tends to move towards ones head.