The Guardian on Thomas Vinterberg (and what he's up to now)

You might have heard about what Lars von Trier did while in Cannes (and his subsequent being banned for said doings). But ever wondered what happened to Thomas Vinterberg, the man behind the much heralded “Festen” and von Trier’s partner in crime when it came to Scandinavian Dogme95 films? Well, the Guardian has a nice piece up where they examine what exactly happened to him and why:

After five years spent alternately locked up at Zentropa and “celebrating himself” around the world, Vinterberg’s next film at last emerged. Titled It’s All About Love, it featured bemused duo Joaquin Phoenix and Clare Danes in a story of apocalyptic omens and ice skating shot through with whimsy, romance and attempted profundity. Informed by its director’s desire to get as far away from the strictures of Dogme as possible, it was a loopy, candy-floss folly that looked lovely even as it boggled the mind. Professionally it was, of course, a disaster – if not quite career suicide, then certainly a messy cry for help.