The fat weeks are over

Well, today marks the end of my wonderful two-week holidays. Tomorrow I will be returning to the place some people like to refer to as “the pit” and others as “THE PIT”. Actually, I’ve never heard anyone refer to this place as “the pit”, but I think if ever people started to refer to this place as “the pit” it would be well deserved.

Right, so how did I use my spare time? Did I really do what I had intended to do with the time lavishly granted by the gods of mandatory factory-closing holidays? Here’s a list of the things I had planned on accomplishing during the two weeks:

  • Go on a little trip with my girlfriend (accomplishedwoot!)
  • Read at least one book per week (I managed to do that while I was still working, so I figured that wouldn’t be a problem…it probably wouldn’t have been if I’d stuck to page-turners like “The da Vinci Code” or “Harry Potter”; unfortunately I had rented non-fiction books on the Middle Ages. Thus, not accomplished)
  • Propel myself into the A-list of bloggers by tending to my blog like never before (since you’re quite probably my sister, my girlfriend or the two other people who read my blog, not accomplished)
  • Store enough interesting details about everything in my brain, so I’ll be able to ponder them during work, averting death by boredom (I haven’t had time yet to check if I was successful, but my guess is not. So, I’ll opt for not accomplished)
  • Build my own race of atomic supermen and conquer the world (well, not quite there yet…not accomplished)
  • Grow up (Uhh…not accomplished)

Right, so what exactly did I do? Well, I did spend a good deal of the first week with my girlfriend, which is great and of course much more desirable than all the other things mentioned above. The second week though, with my girlfriend back in Vienna, I spent doing virtually nothing. I got up late, ate, drank coffee, watched TV (in such an abundance that I’m a bit ashamed of myself, now that I think of it), read the awful local newspaper, and watched some more TV.

All in all, days well spent.