Sweden, more than half-time

I’m sitting here in Sweden at my sister’s notebook, trying to not keep pressing the wrong buttons on an utterly confusing keyboard. (Well, not that confusing really, but switch the “y” and “z” keys, add a sprinkling of shift and non-shift mixery, and you’ve got me.)

After almost a week of wedding preparations, the wedding itself, then another two days of partying and finally a few days alone with the girlfriend perusing the countryside, we only have a mere three days left. My camera, the trustworthy old war-horse, broke sometime during the first week, but fortunately, with the magic skills of myself and even more magic skills of a friend, it decided to come to life again. Meaning you won’t be able to escape a barrage of photos coming to you sometime next week. Coupled of course with the most intriguing of tales.

Have a good weekend, and don’t forget to check back at medienschelte.at, cause its vacation will be over on Tuesday as well!