Remember the Milk and GMail - Together at last!

If you’re into productivity, meaning testing tools and services that might make you a bit more organized, but in the end really just cost a lot of your time, because you can’t decide on the perfect setup, then these news are for you!

We all remember Remember the Milk, the extremely versatile, albeit sometimes too extensive todo-list tool. Apart from integration with Twitter, Google Calendar and a host of other features, they’ve now introduced a plugin for Firefox enigmatically named Remember the Milk for GMail.

The more astute among you will now have guessed what it does, but I’ll spell it out for good measure: the plugin combines the power of Remember the Milk with the, well, extreme power of GMail. Makes two extremely powerful powerplayers powering your life.

I tested it out for your convenience, and well, it’s really quite perfect. By putting the list in the right sidebar, the plugin integrates RTM so smoothly into GMail, you’d think it’s actually a part of the official package. Adding and editing of items can be done inside GMail, as well as a whole lot of other things which I won’t repeat here, because next to a heap of screenshots, the official plugin page actually lists all the features.