Random URLs

Before I go to watch ‘The Simpsons’, here’s a quick list of web-addresses I collected on my way to and fro a seminar:

  • www.globalart.at An artist, the URL(Uniform Resource Locator) was plastered on the back-window of a car.
  • www.computacenter.at A UK-based Internet service provider. Strange name…was computercenter.at already gone or what?
  • www.essence.at Another graphics and communication company. Their splash screen told me I need Internet Explorer and a flash-plugin. NEXT(Not an acronym, but someone obviously thinks it is)!
  • www.mbe.at Some kind of private mail service, with loads of franchises all over the world.
  • www.perikles-bestattung.at My favourite, an undertaker. With an online-shop. Haha, just kidding. No online-shop. But a tasteful, simple page. Just what I’d expect from my undertaker.
  • www.softub.at Don’t care to look that up. Do it for me and tell me what it is…in the goddamn comments. [edit: Looked it up…nothing spectacular really, just a bunch of, you guessed it, hot-tubs.]
    [edit nr2.: In fact, it’s not just hot-tubs, it’s, like the URL(Uniform Resource Locator) says, soft hot-tubs, which makes them special, I guess.]