Pomegranate juice

pomegranate juice
I’m a sucker for free stuff, for reference see this category. Usually they hand out free stuff in front of the university building, knowing that lowly students take everything you throw at them. Today was a bit different.

I went and bought some onions and a doner kebab at the Turkish store around the corner. They are never really awfully quick preparing that thing, but today was quite a record in slugness. I think it took the guy ten minutes to wrap the thing into tin-foil, so you can imagine how long it took him to cut the meat off the doner, get out the bread, cut the bread, put in the meat, salad, onions, tomatoes, sauce, salt and chili.

Oh well, when I finally had the thing in my hands, he told me to wait, ran off and came back with above pictured pack of pomegranate juice. “Great, free juice for a few minutes of waiting”, was what I thought. Well, wrong.

You see, when I unpacked my doner, to my utter amazement and slight horror, I noticed that they must have sort of switched their preparation method. When normally they would skin the chicken, chop off excess fat and then put the breasts in front of the grill, they now obviously have that method of warming up nothing BUT the skin and fat, and in addition leave a few strands of hair on the skin as well. I’m definitely not squeamish when it comes to food, and I think I’ve eaten my share of grilled chicken skin with hair, but I don’t think I’ll ever be able to eat ungrilled chicken skin with hair, which is what I was presented with today.

Apparently, these guys have lost their chicken doner skills, and now try to make up for it by handing out pomegranate juice. Nice business model.