Photo Phriday #12 The Water of Life

Sometime in the ancient time, some guy said something about some kind of fluid, and I think the outcome was something like "Water of Life". Unfortunately, this eloquent and intriguing start of this treatise is utterly useless, because the guy I mentioned was talking about whiskey. What you are seeing here is beer, and that’s exactly what I want to talk about. Beer, beer, beer…it’s the drink of the masses, but it’s also the drink of even more masses. In fact, beer is quite possibly the most popular drink ever invented by anyone. And when it’s hot, beer becomes even more popular. I want to emphasize though that beer ain’t beer…what you see here is a creation of a Czech mastermind: Czech Beer. And although you might think Czech beer tastes like the name sounds, you’re wrong…this Czech beer, which was sponsored by two very generous people, saved my life…and it will keep doing that until it’s gone.