Photo Phriday #16 The dirty Fur of Life

Until now, the general public has only known Gibarian for a photographer of meticulously polished and clean pictures of the dirty little details of life. Well, sometimes animals too. Now here comes something the general public (by the way, that’s you) hasn’t seen before. A picture that shows the dirty little detail of a once white polar-bear.

Although there’s an underlying intricate meaning to that picture I now don’t want to go into, there’s also a very obvious and not so intricate meaning to it too. That polar-bear is dirty. What does that mean? That’s a rhetorical question. For
those of you who don’t know what a rhetorical question is, here’s another one. You know what’s funny? That that question was rhetorical again, and you know what’s even funnier? That I actually lost track of what I was writing about (AND that that question AGAIN was a rhetorical one). Nevermind, just keep in mind, nothing is as good as it looks once you take a closer look (That’s the obvious meaning, you dummy, so don’t even start bashing me for the construction of overt wisdom).