Page ranks

Well, well, well…it’s really interesting that although this site is linked by not more than five or so pages, when searching for the name “gibarian” on Google, the first site to come up is mine. Now, Gibarian is not a name I invented, but it’s the name of a character invented by Stanislav Lem for the book “Solaris”. (Regard this posting as another book review which actually isn’t a book review, because you should really read that book…and I mean really). And that book has been made into a movie twice, first by Russian director Tarkovsky and by hyped Hollywood weirdo Steven Soderbergh, featuring hot-shot George Clooney.

So, if I follow closely what some people call the laws of logic, in the eyes of Google I’m more interesting than all those people. Isn’t that just terrific? When was the last time you beat George Clooney in a popularity contest?

Unfortunately, that doesn’t save me from going back to work tomorrow. By the way, it’s half time for me. A mere four weeks to go, and I can go back to Vienna to pick up the shards that used to be my studies, and put them back together to remotely resemble something called “effort”.

Update: WAHHHH….dropped down to number three.