Overheard in New York

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You can say a lot about BoingBoing, but you can’t say it doesn’t shell out a wealth of useful unnecessary stuff every day. My latest favourite link I found on there is Overheard in New York. It’s a blog which posts stuff people on the street…well, the title speaks for itself, I’d say. In times when more and more people walk around with earphones plugged in, a site like this is really quite essential. From now on you’ll be able to read all those conversations you missed on the tram because you were listening to your favourite album for the umpteenth time. I’m in the process of reading their entire archive, which is actually quite big, considering that they’ve been posting since…let me check…July 2003. So, if you’re ever bored and want to laugh out loud at one-liners from ten-year old boys to drunken hobos, then go there.