Olympia free zone

What does a TV station do when they don’t have enough money to broadcast the Olympic games? They simply put a little sign in the upper right corner of the screen, indicating an “Olympia-Free Zone” (as seen on ATV-Plus, Austria’s only country-wide private station).

This is really quite ingenious, considering that not each and every person able to receive TV signals is obsessed with sports, and doesn’t mind watching 16 hours of sports every single day (one could of course decide to not sit in front of the TV for 16 hours straight, but that’s a totally different story, in my eyes).

The downside of course is that ATV-Plus’ programming isn’t worth a dime. So, instead of watching the king of all winter sports, Curling, you can relax to the 250th rerun of “The Nanny”. Which reminds me of that one Vonnegut book.