Oh my Goosh!

Here’s something to keep you occupied for a while. If you’re a geek and command-line fanatic, that is.
Because goosh.org has created something that’s both extremely helpful and, well, extremely cool. What is that tool of tools, you may ask? A Google command-line of course.

Check this out: typing a query displays four results, hitting enter again shows four more, and so on. It’s very basic, but blazingly fast! And typing “help”, “h” or “man” produces all the shortcuts for the various Google services or to other stuff (like our beloved Wikipedia).

Command-line specifics are included as well, like using the cursor keys to access previously entered queries. Typing go and the number of the search result takes you there, so no need for a mouse anymore. And since it’s a command-line, when it gets all too crowded, just type “clear” or “c”, and you’ve got a blank page with a blinking cursor all over again.

Here’s a picture, in case you actually don’t have a clue what I’m rambling on about here:

Goosh, the Google command line

PS: You can even add goosh as a search engine to the Firefox search form. Awesome!