Of past and future decades

During the last couple of days I read the usual plethora of end-of-year lists, reviews and rants, and was mostly unphazed. Except for those that resonated with me (which is already expressed by the usage of the word “except”. So yes, I won’t stop using bad grammar, not in 2010 and not in the many years to come).

Anyway, I thought it prudent to at least quickly write something up, so people know where I stand when it comes to the advent of new and the goodbye to old decades. Well, here I stand: I don’t give a fuck. What I do give a fuck about, though, is the way some people manage to use that man-made concept of time, calendars and new-years bashes to create a sort of sense-inducing narrative for their own lives, something which I have never managed to do and which I truly envy.

Which is yet another reason why I’ll never be writing an autobiography.

To you, on the other hand, my dear and loyal reader, I wish a fantastic new year. May all your plot-lines work out the way you once envisioned them in that head of yours.