I just stumbled upon Netvibes. It’s very similar to Google’s personalized homepage or myYahoo (you know, personalized news, email, search, etc.). I just quickly scanned what it has to offer, and from what I see, I think it would be the perfect solution for myself. You see, I really like the Google personalized homepage, mainly because it let’s me keep tabs on my GMail account and search using Google. But I also like myYahoo, because it lets me display my Flickr photos and is not as spartan as the Google thing. Enter Netvibes. They’ve got a clean interface, numerous modules or widgets or whatever new term these Web 2.0 people will come up with tomorrow, it supports GMail AND Flickr photos, and I can search using Google (and Yahoo, if I’d be so inclined) making it perfect for me. Now if only I would overcome that fear of entering my Gmail account details on a third party site.