Netvibes adds personality

It’s not for nothing that I’m always as happy as a pup when I see that Google Reader is ready to serve me a new item from the Netvibes Blog. Because Most of the time, it’s an announcement about their service that just shows they really do work overtime to make it as perfect for people as possible.

Well, today was no different. In their latest blog posting, they announced even more ways of personalization options for their wildly popular starting page. Here’s what’s new:

Themes – While they already have a bunch of themes, it’s always nice to add even more options. Their new themes are quite colourful and add new looks to tabs. All have rounded corners of course ;). In addition to that, you can create your own custom theme, utilizing their other new feature:

Wallpapers – While they call this new feature wallpapers, it’s really more than that. You can add images to the top and bottom part of the portal, but you can always just change the colours of these areas, including text colours. As for the images, Netvibes provides a few stock images, but you can also add images from Flickr, MySpace, Twitter or even direct URLs.

As always, these changes are implemented quite elegantly and intuitively, demonstrating once again that while Netvibes may not have the cash of the big contenders (iGoogle or MyYahoo!), they sure do lead the pack when it comes to innovation and implementation. So basically, they do everything the others do, only better.