MP3 player revisited

In an earlier post about my desire to get an mp3 player I mentioned that I’d stop smoking until I’d be able to afford it. Well, I’ve cut down on pre-rolled cigarettes and am now doing roll-ups. It’s not exactly not smoking, but it’s definitely more cost effective than smoking my beloved Gauloises.
Horst from The Aardvark Speaks mentions the dilemma many people are facing nowadays…no, not how to become a star without selling out, but rather that important question: iPod regular or iPod mini? Now, I for myself have answered that question…neither.
I am still for that iRiver H340 monster. It has everything a regular iPod has, and more. It’s comparable to the iPod Photo, in that it’s also very expensive and is able to display images. Not to mention the whopping 40GB hdd. Of course, it’s not as “sexy” as the iPod mini. But does an mp3 player have to be sexy? What next, a sexy screwdriver?