Legal reading age

I just perused the internets to see if I’d find any information on a wine we sometimes buy, and found this winery called Gallo of Sonoma, which produces said wine. Here comes the interesting part: As I wanted to actually enter the site, meaning getting past the splash screen, I was greeted by this message:

If you are not of legal drinking age you may not enter this site.

followed by a pulldown menu which let me enter my date of birth.

Now, the dangers of alcoholism are really well-documented, and I’d be the last one to protest measures against heavy drinking, but I didn’t know that you’re not even allowed to read about alcohol if you’re not of legal age! READ!

Well, this surely solves the question what all these underaged kids are doing online all the time…no, they’re not surfing porn sites or illegally downloading music, they are actually reading up on alcohol, getting all high on pictures of beercans and delicate bouteilles of chilled white wine.