JotSpot joins Google - Goffice looms

Google, apparently on a shopping spree reminiscient of Sophie Kinsella’s “Shopaholic”, has acquired JotSpot, according to this posting by JotSpotter Joe Kraus on the GoogleBlog. JotSpot, a service that allows for the creation of professional Wikis, actually hasn’t been around for that long, but a seasoned team has paved the way for smooth and rather secret acquisition by Google. Read a review on the service here.

This, of course, is yet another step toward a full-scale online Office product. Word documents, spreadsheets, a calendar, a research tool and of course an email service are now complemented by a service that could manage to actually, well, manage the lot.

Right now nobody is able to sign-up for JotSpot, as they are going to incorporate it into the Google infrastructure first, but according to their FAQ, the previously subscription-based service will then be free for everyone. Yay!