The Jazzfest Wien is very generous. They invite artists to play and people don’t even have to pay to see them. Like yesterday, when we went and saw Melody Gardot, a 23 year old singer with quite a past.

The bluesy jazz she sang was betrayed by her rather witty, self-deprecating demeanor on stage. Her band, consisting of three black-clad guys, looked like they were having a really good time too.

With the concert being free of charge, the audience was not ideal, but fortunately, the accustics in front of the city hall are remarkably crisp, where even the hushed notes were discernible. Thus, even the fucking cunt (excuse my French, but the Internets is where I can vent. In real life I’m far too timid) behind us who couldn’t stop blabbing away on her phone about the “super jazz” she was listening to right now, wasn’t that much of a problem.

Here’s photos:
The bass player is the proud owner of the best beard of all times.

Melody Gardot forgot, or maybe pretended to, the chords and lyrics to a song they were about to play. Very charming.