Issuu - looking at PDFs online

And here’s me jumping on board a train that departed yesterday: The Issuu train. Websites from TechCrunch to Scoble are professing their love for this not-so-new service (apparently been around since 2006), and well, I will do so too.

You see, their product does deserve the praise: the PDF-viewer is really, really smooth, and they even have a widget to embed PDFs in a slideshow manner, like so:

[![](]( [![](]( [![](](
And yes, the widget is customizable, that’s why the background has the same obnoxious blue tone as the rest of this website. The fact that they actually describe their service as a tool to facilitate the publication of online magazines is just a minor flaw. It’s a PDF viewer, really, albeit a really tricked out one.

But here’s why I like the service too. Take a look at their home page. TAKE A LOOK! Isn’t that one extremely nice looking website? It’s all so clean, so clear, so…. Well, I think you get the idea. The concept of clean and clear is followed through the whole service, so the process of embedding a slideshow like the one above is not just easy, it’s actually fun. Yes, FUN! Go on, call me a freak. I don’t care.