Invitation galore

Signing up for closed beta accounts for various web-apps is a nice thing. Not only can you test new software before everyone else, you are also rewarded with the ability to invite other people to do the same (which is great when you’ve got a crappy personality and have to buy your friendships). I’ve been beta testing quite a few services for quite some time now, and I’ve still got many invitations left:

  • Diigo4032 left temporarily no invites…leave a comment, I’ll come back to you as soon as they return
  • NewsVine 1712 left no need, they went public
  • GMail – somewhere between 30 and about 2 million, I’ve lost track

All of these services are really promising, and if you’re interested in one of the invitations, just add a comment to this post with your name, e-mail address, etc. and it’ll be on its way.