Since I bought my Medion Jukebox, I haven’t had any problems with it really. Sure, navigation doesn’t work as smooth as it does on an iPod, but there are various factors which make my mp3 player even more handy than an iPod. Indexing on the player, for example. I don’t need any proprietary software to load or unload my player, and I can easily use it as a simple USB storage medium. There’s one downside though, which is the battery life. It’s not perfect. Eight hours when left alone, with no using the wheel and background light. That is enough for everyday use in public transport, but not enough for, say, my trip to the States. So I ordered a replacement battery, and they quickly sent one. I had read in discussion forums that people in Germany had done that, and instead of returning the original battery, they had kept it for a meager 15 €. Well, obviously there’s an extra battery-tax in effect here in Austria, because when checking back with the people at Medion if they could please send me a bill for the battery, it turned out they wanted 28,70 € for it. Which is, according to the little mathematical knowledge I do possess, almost twice as much as the German version. I do hope mine is twice as good.