I'm a yesterday person

Blogging didn’t become widely popular and easy until about 1999, when people started publishing scripts that made it easy and painless for anyone to update a weblog.

says this source. 1999!!!! So why the hell have I waited to use one of those damn scripts until now, the wonderful year of 2004? I mean, I’ve been updating my site via FTP and all that for ages, and nobody told me I could do this much easier? I wrote all that stupid “posted by” stuff manually, trying to give it all a coherent look, and what do other people do? They just type it into a form. Sure, I wondered about the amount of time people must have spent trying to get their postings to look the same, but with my limited knowledge of html, CSS and whatnot, I though they probably just had some top secret script they used for that. And guess what, they all did have a script, only that it wasn’t top-secret but rather accessible to anyone, everywhere. FUCK! Can you say “living under a rock”?