Hotmail and their storage thingy

***Disclaimer:***Fucking profanity ahead.

I still have an account with MSN’s Hotmail, which I check once in a while because it has been my account for over seven years, and people keep sending stuff. Now, after Google announced it’s GMail service, every free email service started to panic and quickly upped their storage space. Hotmail, not wanting to fall behind, announced to up their storage space to a whopping 250MB (which is a lot, but come on, you can’t beat 1 Gig). That was about seven months ago. Now, everytime I check my mails on my Hotmail account, I’m greeted with that obnoxious red bar telling me I probably won’t be able to receive any more mail if I don’t clean out my inbox. Why? Maybe because I’ve already stored 250MB worth of mail? Well, how the fuck should I? They never upped it! I’m still stuck with 2MB, which is death to any inbox. It may have sufficed in 1998, when spam was still mainly known as canned food, broadband a term only people working at CERN were familiar with and the general filesize of emails didn’t exceed 20KB. But I can live with it. I’ve got my GMail account, where storage space simply isn’t a matter anymore. If Hotmail just didn’t keep pissing me off.

Today I decided to check my Hotmail account again. And when the page was loaded, I was greeted with the following message:

What’s new For Free Hotmail? MSN Hotmail Inbox Storage is now 250 MB and there is an increased attachment size of 10 MB!

Well, I thought, finally they managed to deliver. I signed in, and for people who are familiar with creating suspense in a crappy 20 line blog posting, this won’t come as a surprise: There was that FUCKING RED BAR. Yeah, they still haven’t upped my account. Not that I care, but what the fuck? What’s so difficult in NOT promising something you won’t deliver? Is everyone working at MSN on crack? Or is it simply a big, practical joke. Let’s see how those stupid users cope when we keep promising their mail will be delivered and not sent back because their inbox is full.
Adding to MSN’s inability to actually deliver, they’ve obviously turned off their spam filter, because there was more spam in my inbox than ever before. Or maybe they’ve just started to sell email addresses in order to afford that increase of storage-space, WHICH WILL NEVER HAPPEN!