Google's calendar - finally

Well, just when I got used to the idea of using 30boxes, and exactly on the same day the people from webcalendar service Kiko shoot me an email that they’ve totally redone their service, Google’s long awaited Calendar is launched.

Now, I haven’t used Google’s calendar in depth yet, but frankly, it’s not a whole lot different from what Kiko and 30Boxes offer.

30Boxes is really extremely easy to use, it’s got a nice AJAX interface and the input is as intuitive as it can get. It doesn’t have any jazzy display options, but hey, it’s all about 30 boxes, so a day view really would break the whole thing.

I checked out Kiko as well, and it’s quite feature packed. It’s got a whole lot more options than 30Boxes, but it can be a whole lot more confusing as well. It does have a really nice AJAX interface, but their input is a bit more strict than the 30Boxes one.

Finally, new player Google Calendar really doesn’t overwhelm. It uses interface and AJAX features most GMail users have come to love, but strangely enough, there’s no GMail integration? What gives? I do think though they’ll add that soon.

All of these calendars offer sharing and collaboration features, as well as iCal and RSS functionality.

I guess I’ll just stick with 30Boxes for now though.