Google MySearch

For the last two years, Google has entertained us all with a plethora of great services, and it seems every week they add another service which suddenly becomes indispensable. Well, today they added something which even I, an admitted Google-fan, don’t think of too highly. From now on, you can log into your Google-account, and any search you then do via Google is recorded and should be something like your personal Google History. This is so blatant a try at getting even more information for targeted ads that it seems a bit ridiculous really. I don’t think I want Google storing any query I’ve ever submitted. I mean, of what use is this really? Apart from tracking the time I spend on the Internet, this service doesn’t do anything for the user, but everything for Google. I’m sorry to say it, but that’s a two-thumbs down for Google. Hell, that’s even worse than firing Mark Jen.