Good Night and Good Luck, indeed

We went and saw “Good Night and Good Luck” today at the Gartenbau movie theatre. Although the film is in black and white, it’s far from antiquated. While the movie’s plot is about Senator McCarthy’s witch hunt in the 1950s and a journalist’s stance against it, the underlying issue, namely that of the media’s role in a civil society, is a very pressing matter in recent times as well.

And also in times when enormous sums of money are wasted on pseudo-patriotic rubbish like “Pearl Harbor”, it’s refreshing to see that a movie in black and white with no blood, explosions or love stories can be so gripping, and as one reviewer points out, really quite patriotic.

Since we went to see the movie during the afternoon, we took a quick stroll through the Stadtpark, in order to catch the first warm rays of sunshine to grace this wretched city. The images to the whole trip are today provided by my lovely girlfriend over on her Flickr account. Go and check it out!