GMail POP3 support

According to a few sources, one of which is this, GMail has now introduced POP3 support. As it happens most of the time, my account is not yet updated, and I’m still waiting for it to happen. I don’t think I’ll even need POP3 for GMail right now, because I’m rather comfortable with checking my mail via the web, but it’s still somewhat comforting to know that it’s going to be possible. Since I gave away five invites just yesterday (they were gone about two hours after posting), I hope I have made this world a better place, and now with POP3 support, it’ll be even better.

But there’s also other Google related news. Microsoft, software giant and much despised vendor of the Windows operating system will launch its new search engine today. They expect to have a share of the big search-cake that’s out there. I say: That’s not going to happen. You may have been able to assemble an operating system by throwing money at people, this time that won’t help.