November 19, 2008

Globalization, bad practices and all that

Ever since seeing Jean Ziegler in “We feed the world”, I’ve been something of an admirer. Tonight he’ll be appearing on Austrian TV in a discussion on globalization, corporate practices and of course the financial crisis. (#)

Another one of the participants will be one Klaus Werner-Lobo, who’s recently written a book about above mentioned corporate practices called “Uns gehört die Welt” (The world belongs to us). Now, I’ve read Naomi Klein’s “No Logo”, so I’m not sure whether there’s a whole lot left that could surprise me regarding that topic, but I’d be interested to find out.

And as Helge writes in his entry on the subject, there’s a chance I’ll get a volume directly from the publisher, if I’m quick enough, that is.

See, that’s how conscious I am of the topic, I won’t even BUY a book that deals with buying.

Update: Woohoo, I won!