Globalization, bad practices and all that

Ever since seeing Jean Ziegler in “We feed the world”, I’ve been something of an admirer. Tonight he’ll be appearing on Austrian TV in a discussion on globalization, corporate practices and of course the financial crisis. (#)

Another one of the participants will be one Klaus Werner-Lobo, who’s recently written a book about above mentioned corporate practices called “Uns gehört die Welt” (The world belongs to us). Now, I’ve read Naomi Klein’s “No Logo”, so I’m not sure whether there’s a whole lot left that could surprise me regarding that topic, but I’d be interested to find out.

And as Helge writes in his entry on the subject, there’s a chance I’ll get a volume directly from the publisher, if I’m quick enough, that is.

See, that’s how conscious I am of the topic, I won’t even BUY a book that deals with buying.

Update: Woohoo, I won!