Getting things done (or not)

Well, my obvious preoccupation with things other than this blog has already led to a mild revolt in the comments of my last entry (well, very mild, really). And here’s my excuse:
About a week ago I received The David’s book “Getting things done”, or for the initiated simply GTD. Now, I’m usually nobody who’s apt to succumb to things like time-management, efficiency training, productivity-whatnot and well, whatnot. But I noticed during the last few months that in order to conquer the world or graduate I’d have to reorganize my working style/ethics. So I did just that.

As I started implementing Allen’s system though, I ended up with quite a backlog of things to do. Well, and I’ve been working on that very backlog for the last few days. Ah, so you want an example? How about my reorganization of five years worth of university lecture notes and literature, stuff I had literally kept in a box for the last few years? That took quite a while.

I also noticed that when actually doing the things I need to get done, I almost don’t have time to read my feeds, let alone update my blog all the time. Now, imagine what life would be like for me now, if I’d always done the stuff I was required to do instead of posting to my blog. In case your imagination isn’t up to par today, I’ll jump to your own conclusions:
I’d probably be rich by now. But my blog would be empty, as would be your lives without it. So, I guess I’ll just have to keep my priorities straight more toward my blog and less toward riches.