FSM shirt disaster

Trying to express my support for the teachings of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, a few days ago I tried ordering a shirt displaying his Noodlyness. Well, after three days I was informed that my type of shirt was out of stock, and that it would take them just a wee bit longer to restock. Not yet worried, but curious by nature, I replied, asking how long approximately it would take them to restock. That was four days ago. Today I got a mail, informing me of the fact that the shirt would indeed not be restocked for quite a while. “Well, screw this!” I thought and replied by asking them to cancel my order. I then checked my credit card balance and, lo and behold, they had already charged my credit card. And I’ll repeat this for dramatic purposes now (even moving it to a new paragraph hell, I’ll put it in quotes!):

They charged my credit card the very day I placed my order! And then realized that the shirt was out of stock! And decided to tell me two days later!

For you people who are familiar with the mystery that is credit card shopping: Is this common practice? Is this how people get rid of their surplus items? Or is this the way people get rid of their (potential) customers? Or should I stop the fuck complaining and wait for them to reply?

Update: I guess everything will work out after all. Shirts were restocked quicker than anticipated, and the Noodly Appendage is on its way.