Flickr and Geotagging - together at last

After I wrote about, the service that mashes together Google maps and Flickr to support the geotagging of photos, Flickr today revealed their own geotagging integration.

The tagging is done inside the Organize section of a person’s account, a new tab called Map appeared there today. They use Yahoo maps, which unfortunately don’t support all of Europe in as great a detail as Google maps does. The upside is that Flickr recognised the photos I had already tagged with and imported them nicely into their own map.

Tagging is easy, as you can just drag and drop your photos in there. The fact that it’s done inside the organising area makes for much faster tagging than with, but as mentioned above, Yahoo maps simply aren’t as good as Google maps. I hope they’ll catch up soon.

Here’s a screenshot of what it looks like when you drag a photo onto the map:
flickr maps admin

It’s also possible to just drag and drop a bunch of photos in there. That’ll be a time-saver, once I decide to actually tag all of my 900+ photos.

When you look at your photostream and click the map button, they show you the map with the tagged pictures indicated in pink:
flickr map view

Overall, the whole implementation is really quite smooth, and apart from the fact that they have to use their master’s map service, it’s a good addition to the service. By the way, before you can start tagging, they show a little disclaimer about privacy, and let you decide the default permissions for who can view your geo-tags. Nice that someone’s thinking about the fact that there are indeed a whole bunch of weird people out there, for whom geotagging of photos is probably a recurring wet dream.