Fix me up

Maggi Fix
What is this? Well, while it may look like an ordinary pack of Chili con Carne base, it’s in fact much more than that. It’s yet another brainchild of a marketing division with money to burn. The product? A 15 minute loan.

I guess the initial meeting with the ad agency went like that:

Marketing hack: “We’ve got a new loan we want to promote. It’s a 15 minute loan.
Ad guy: Whoa, that’s really quite speedy.
Marketing hack: Speedy? As in Speedy Gonzales? Hahaha, you’re a genius! Here, have a cigarre, I’ll light it for you…WITH A 500 EURO BILL, HAHAHAHA!

And for the people who don’t watch TV, listen to the radio or read newspapers, they simply bought a whole lot of Chili con Carne base, slapped a sticker with Speedy onto it and now hand it out to unsuspecting future creditees.

I really should have gone into advertising.