Construction Destruction

In fair Vienna where we lay our scene, it’s Monday again, the sun is out and forcing me to take one shower after the other. It’s one week now, and I’ll be working for eight weeks. For people who don’t know what it’s like being a student, let me assure you that eight weeks is a long time. Now, wait a minute, I don’t like that attitude. Students are no slackers. We are working all the time, just with the difference that we’re working for our benefit, instead of the state’s. Which is a good thing, because I wouldn’t want to give money to the state, just so it could spend the money again on people like me.


That’s another one of those really boring and stupid posts I’m so proud of. I do understand why you don’t read my blog. It’s awful. Which leads me to the following picture. Because what you can see there is not awful at all. In fact, it’s really good. It’s food. If you’ve been very attentive, you’ll have realized by now that the food I’m talking about has already been displayed in one of my earlier pictures. Actually, I had wanted to do some kind of contest, like: “Spot the Food”, but now that I’ve already told you about the earlier appearance of The Food, that wouldn’t make any sense. So, enjoy:

Have a nice day