CoComment has some new stuff

cocomment CoComment, a service that helps you keep track of all the comments you leave on the web, has just released a new version. I wrote about commentful a short while ago, and what I liked about it was the ability to track conversations that you don’t actually take part in. Well, CoComment now not only tracks comments by other CoComment users (which was how they originally did it, which actually made it useless as a tracker of actual comments), they also track any conversation you’d like to track. But, and this is where stuff really starts to look interesting, they have also created a new feature that lets you leave comments on websites that don’t even have a comment feature. Meta commenting, that is. The comment will then be stored and tracked like any other conversation inside your account.

cocomment new feature

The whole update comes with a new website design as well, and everything looks quite tidy right now. Commentful and Co.mments will have to think of a new things now, if they want to keep up.