Once in a while I like showcasing new webservices I’m infatuated with. If you’ve come for the inane chatter usually prevalent in this spot, just skip this entry. More of that some other time.

The service I want to present today has been getting quite a bit of buzz lately, mainly because they’ve struck a few nice deals with other popular services. I’m of course talking about everyone’s darling web-storage company (the really smart ones among you may have guessed that from looking at the picture in the top left corner). Now, what is so extremely nice about web storage? I mean, you don’t usually write an entry about that storage garage you’ve rented for your old furniture. Well, here’s the catch: it’s not simply web-storage, it’s web-storage in a web 2.0 manner (and it’s of course not furniture).

Web 2.0
you say? That buzz-word that’s been around for too long already? Well, yes, only that it’s not just a buzz-word but also an actual collection of distinct features. And these features can be observed in, almost textbook style. Time for bullet points:

  • Sharing: Yes, you can store your stuff and you can share it with your friends.
  • Tagging: Although tags don’t get anyone excited anymore, they keep being helpful. Assign as many tags as you want to your files. That’s bound to make your life easier when you start having a lot of files stored.
  • Ajax interface: A nice, clean interface sprinkled with piece of Ajax use. Very intuitive and lean.
  • Rounded corners: No web 2.0 company can be taken seriously without them. Seriously. No, I really mean it.

Apart from these features, also offers a bunch of other stuff that just make life easy (well, if your life consists of playing with web-storage services, but nevertheless). First of all, offers 1 GB of free storage and 5 GB storage in their premium package. And if you’ve got a loyal circle of friends who don’t mind being spammed with invitations, you can actually be upgraded to their premium service simply by referring five friends. Even I managed to turn five people onto the service. And if I found five people, you can as well, trust me.

As I mentioned above, is collaborating with a few other webservices, most notably Netvibes, the best of the starting pages currently around (here’s my entry about them from a while back). Thanks to their collaboration I can access the files I’ve got stored on directly from withing my Netvibes starting page. Which is as easy as platform independent access to files can be implemented.

Overall it can be said that is one of those services you never knew you’d need, but once you’ve used it for a while, you just won’t be able to do without.