Bianca returns

I’ve noticed that quite a few people are led by various search-engines to check out my post on “Bianca”, the new telenovela. Unfortunately, apart from what I’ve already written about it, which is based on my profound knowledge of trash-TV, there’s not much to see. So, if you’ve come here looking for bios and pictures of your favourite “Bianca” star, you won’t have much luck. But since I’m such a great guy, I’ve done some research on your behalf, now presenting you the cream of the crop of “Bianca” related websitess:

  • There’s an official one from ZDF(Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen), second German national TV. Very informative.
  • If you’re of the religious kind, why not have a little discussion with people at this place. It seems though as if people are a bit discussion-lazy over there. Which means you’ll have to discuss it with yourself, making this whole discussion thing utterly useless.

Well, that’s it. People don’t seem to be that interested in TV-shows derived from pulp fiction novellas, with bland actors and pre-war equipment (WWI that is). I wonder why.