Bianca - Paths to happiness

National TV, ORF(Oesterreichischer Rundfunk), is now broadcasting its very own Telenovela. Co-produced with a lot of other public TV stations all over German-speaking Europe, this gem of afternoon entertainment follows all the patterns of a traditional Telenovela. The title “Bianca – Wege zum Glück” (loosely translated as “Paths to Happiness”), is a painful reminder of the fact that people who devise TV-series are often subject to extreme drug-abuse. The plot is pulp-fiction. Poor girl, only just released from prison where she had been incarcerated for something she hasn’t commited (of course) makes the acquaintance of one Prince Charming, aptly adapted to modern times by portraying him as a spoilt banker’s brat.

Planned are 200 episodes, and according to the ORF customer-support, they are going to be “moving” and “gripping”. I could now conclude with an inappropriate remark about bowel movement, but I wont. I’ll conclude by quoting The Beatles: “Happiness is a warm gun”