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And thus I conclude my studies

Well, not quite. But today I finally received the grade for my last class. Which means I can now hand them all in and hope everything works out.

Not that there’s anything I actually know about that could go wrong, but trouble tends to come in the most plentiful of guises.

Gregory of Tours – online

I just found out that the whole of the Ten Books by early medieval scriptor Gregory of Tours are accessible online via Wikisource.
To most of you this may sound as interesting as the discovery of yet another website featuring tiny kittens, but for me it means I will have the primary primary source for my thesis right there at my fingertips, online, fully searchable, all the goddamn time!

And a little note on the side: the source is located in the Latin version of Wikisource. Check out their mainpage, it’s more fun than a birthday-party.


People are not meant to sit in seminars longer than 90 minutes.

Tuition or bust

As a follow up to yesterday’s post, and answering the comment by “eigenschaft”, I will now write a bit about the watered down compromise I mentioned yesterday: the one about the tuition fees.

Tuition fees were introduced by the Schüssel government in 2001, only shortly after the minister for education, Lisl Gehrer, had promised that no such thing would ever exist under her reign. They were protested by almost every student union, but to no avail. Before last year’s election, the SPÖ promised that in case they won the election, they would get rid of the fees. Well, now that they have been taken by their word, it turned out to be not as easy as they thought. In return for becoming chancellor by the grace of election loser but necessary evil ÖVP, Gusenbauer, head of the SPÖ and leader of the coalition talks, presented his version of what “getting rid” means. For him, getting rid of the fees means being able to work them off.

Starting next semester, any student who doesn’t want to or can’t pay the fees, has the option of doing 60 hours of social work per semester. Divide the bi-annual fees of about 360 Euros by that amount of work, and you get the absolute minimum wage of 6 Euros. Basically this means students will be used for jobs that require unskilled labour (because, of course, they won’t spend ten of those 60 hours training someone), in order to pay for the fees.

Now, I don’t think anyone could have come up with a better solution of NOT getting rid of the tuition fees, even if they had tried really, really hard (next to actually NOT getting rid of them, of course).

Here’s an article on the whole thing to make up for my scandalous lack of sources.

In which I finally present a new give-away

It has been a rather long while since the last give-away I received. Actually, the whole experiment hasn’t been as vibrant as I had imagined, but hey, that’s what experiments are for. Tor prove or disprove. In my case, the hypothesis of the thousand give-aways turning me into a rich man has been definitely disproven. Mainly because I give people angry looks when they approach me. Hell, someone could be trying to hand me 10,000 € in cash, and I’d never know. On the other hand, looking interested in each and everyone approaching me would probably turn me either into a homeless or a madman. Or quite possibly both.

Today I saw someone handing out something that looked like more than just a leaflet, so I paced my way just right so she could hand me one of those packages. And here it is:


Only when I unpacked it I noticed that it was microwave popcorn. I don’t own a microwave, and my anti-social tendencies have provided me with a rather low number of friends who do own one: zero.

In case you’re wondering. “Bob” is a new cell-phone company. Its claim to fame? Very cheap rates and a marketing budget the size of Albania’s GDP.

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