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In the park (yet again)

So I did forget to make you aware of the new park pictures I shot last Saturday. Thus, without further ado, enjoy .

In the woods

the woods
I’m not in Vienna, which gives me plenty of new photo opportunities. This time it’s the woods, all wet and with a hint of snow. Enjoy (by clicking the picture of course…).

Gleaming cutlery

Nice day, too warm really to spend it in front of the computer.

Had a nice chat with my cousin at the MQ, which is everybody’s darling location here in Vienna once the sun is out.

On weather (again)

As I’ve made it a habit of writing about the copious amounts of snow we’re having, I’m now going to show you that I can in fact write about sunshine as well. Today was an extremely nice and sunny day, and although my girlfriend did have to coax me into it, in the end I really liked leaving the apartment to enjoy a few those rays.

Due to the proximity, we decided to patronise the Augarten, which in a way we regard as our own, personal park. And although we’ve been living around here for a few years now, we actually discovered a bunch of new stuff. Like that garden of sculptures. Or the restaurant right next to it. Where we had this coffee.

cafe latte at the Atelier Augarten

I still can’t get over how perfect that shot came out. Click it and it’ll zoom you right into the gallery of wonders.

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